September 16

Invited Talks

13:00–14:00 Thomas Zeugmann
Learning Theory and Complexity – Ultrametric Algorithms
14:00–14:15 Break
14:15–15:00 Nir Ailon
Lower Bound for Fourier Transform in the Well-Conditioned Linear Model (Or: If You Want a Faster Fourier Transform You'd Need to Sacrifice Accuracy)
15:00–15:45 Rémi Eyraud
Efficiency bounds in the identification in the limit paradigm

ELC Session: short talks and posters

16:00–19:00 Kei Uchizawa
Lower Bounds for Linear Decision Trees with Bounded Weights
Takayoshi Shoudai
Polynomial time learning of formal graph systems via queries
Ayumi Shinohara
A note on minimum consistent DFA from prefix samples
Takahiro Fujita
Online Prediction over Permutations under Precedence Constraints
Marco Cuturi
Entropy Regularized Optimal Transport and Applications