How to get credits - Kyoto University Informatics Seminar

How to get credits

In order to obtain the credit of this course, each student has to submit at least five reports, each two pages using the designated format (see below), on five lectures given in the schedule.

Each report is due on the first Monday (if spring seminar) or Thursday (if autumn seminar) following the seminar. If that day is a holiday, or no seminar is held on that day, it will be the first Monday/Thursday after that.)

Please hand your report at the end of the seminar to the TA in charge.

Each report will be given a maximum of 20 points (10 points for the “Summary of talk” part and 10 points for the “Impression and comments”) and he/she will pass if his/her total points of the five reports (best five if submitted more) is 60. Letter grades of S,A,B,C,F will be assigned at the end of the course.

As for the two required parts of the report, below are their brief descriptions:

“Summary of talk” part:

A good report should summarize the key points of the presentation, including (1) the overview of the motivation for research, (2) the guiding research questions or research task, (3) the description of the solutions proposed to solve the stated research goal, (4) the evaluation settings and experimental results of the research, as well as (5) future directions and plans of the speaker if any were given, etc.

“Impression and comments” part:

Please give your overall impression of the research and its results. We would like to also hear your own comments on the research, suggestions for improvements, and any potential future research directions, as well as any questions that you might had during the talk.


Please use the following templates to hand in your reports.

Template (pdf)
Template (tex)