About the seminar - Kyoto University Informatics Seminar

About the seminar

This seminar is run by Professors of the Graduate School of Informatics involved in the International Courses program.

The objective of this seminar is to create a weekly lively research forum and welcome speakers from all around the world.

The level of the seminar is targeted for Master and Ph.D students, although speakers are usually encouraged to address more advanced research subject during the latter half of their talk.

The talks are usually divided into 75 minutes of talk and 15 minutes of questions.

This seminar is open. Anyone can attend it.

  • If you are a student and wish to get credits by attending it regularly, please look at the relevant section.
  • If you are a student but you are not interested in getting credits, we would like to insist on the fact that you should feel free to attend any of the sessions at any time during the term.