Logic and English Workshop


Lecturer: Prof. Emeritus Robert Kowalski (Imperial College London)

Organizer: Akihiro Yamamoto (Intelligence Science and Technology)

                        14:00-18:00,  29 November 2013

                        Lecture Room 1, Research Building No.7


The goal of this workshop is to show how logic can improve written English.  For this purpose, participants in the workshop should prepare a short abstract of a research topic, written for a reader who is not an expert in the topic.

During the workshop, we will discuss possible ways in which the abstracts can be improved by analysing their logical structure. We will not worry about minor issues of English grammar, because the same logical principles also apply to other languages. The success of the workshop will depend in large part on the willingness of the participants to take part in the discussions.

The abstract writers are requested to do their best to explain their research as simply as possible with the goal of being intelligible to as general an audience as possible. The abstract should be about half a page long. A third of a page would be even better.

The idea is that although the paper itself is likely to be too specialised to be understood by someone working in a different area of informatics, the abstract should be written for a more general informatics audience. This may be somewhat idealistic. So the writer may have to make a special effort, to write the abstract more intelligibly for the purposes of the workshop.


Note: Students who would like to participate in the workshop are expected to attend the lecture by Prof. Kowalski in the Informatics Seminar, 16:30-18:00, on 28 November 2013


and also

they should send the abstracts indicated above by email to the organizerfs address


no later than 14 November 2013.