Trends in Machine Learning

A Workshop at Kyoto University - 17 & 18 March 2014

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Many thanks to all speakers and attendants for this great workshop!


The pace of innovation in machine learning has accelerated in recent years, reflecting an unabated demand for efficient data analysis tools. This workshop was an opportunity to discover some of the topics that have recently emerged in the field, and hear from research carried out by renowned specialists.

Students are particularly encouraged to attend; all talks will include introductory material.


Kyoto University, Main Yoshida Campus,
Research Building 8, NS Lecture Hall (3rd Floor)
Building 59 on this map Detailed map


March 17 and 18 2014 (Mon. and Tue.)

List of Speakers

Speakers will introduce their research topic and present research results in about one hour, 10 extra minutes will be allocated for questions. See the detailed schedule for titles and abstracts.

Samy BENGIO (Google)
Amir GLOBERSON (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Yoshinobu KAWAHARA (Osaka University)
Hiroshi MAMITSUKA (Kyoto University)
Mehryar MOHRI (New York University)
Le SONG (Georgia Tech)
Ichiro TAKEUCHI (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Ryota TOMIOKA (Toyota Tech. Institute Chicago)

Fee and Registration

Attendance is free, there is no need to register.

This event was funded by the Post-GCOE Takuetsu fund, with additionaly support from the G30 project at Kyoto University.

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