Due to the high number of applicants, we have pre-booked a few rooms in the following hotels. They are all conveniently located, in scenic surroundings, have english-speaking staff and should provide attendants with a good level of comfort. Please refer to the ”Where can I stay?” section of the FAQ for more information on commute options to the university. The price refer to the daily fee for one person.

Reservation Lists

If you wish to book your room with us, and in particular find a roommate, please go to the reservation list page and follow the instructions.

Coop-Inn is owned by the university coop, 3.3 km from the MLSS site.

Kyoto Palace Side Hotel, 2.5 km from the MLSS site

Kyoto Travellers Inn, 1.9 km from the MLSS site.

Kyoto Heian-no-mori, 1.6 km from the MLSS site

All hotels can be located on the map provided in the Around the venue section.

Here is another selection of guest houses and hotels in the area surrounding the campus: