Social Events

Jumbo Karaoke Party!

Friday 31 August, 20:00 - 22:30 Massive Karaoke Party at the Super Jumbo Jankara!!

Free drinks and sing as much as you can for 2 hours. Huge repertoire from all over the world, and plenty of big (12 people) and small (4 people) rooms to choose from, you are free to move around and check what's going on in other rooms any time! Light snacks will be served, but we recommend that you eat a dinner before.

Banquet Dinner in Gion

Wednesday 5 September, 19:00 - 21:30, Garden Oriental Kyoto

The banquet dinner will take place in an old traditional house in the heart of the Gion cultural quarter of Kyoto. The dinner will feature Geiko dance and singing performances!

Buses will leave from the university and carry all guests to the banquet location starting from 17:45. The dinner reception will open from 18:15. Drinks will be then served until the dinner/party starts at 19:00.

Standing (buffet) dinner, NO DRESS CODE.

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