Highlights of the Program

13 Long Lectures

5 hours long lectures provided by world-renowned lecturers, each split into 3 sessions of 100 minutes distributed on 2 consecutive days.

6 Short Lectures and Research Talks

60 to 100 minutes long presentations by world-renowned researchers.

3 Poster Sessions

2 hours long poster sessions, with posters provided by the attendees. These sessions will be for the students, academics, professionals and lecturers to meet, discuss advanced research topics and hopefully draw future projects/collaborations.

Summer School Format

Each day of the summer school, from Monday to Friday, will run from 8:30 to 19:30, with a 100 minutes lunch break around noon.

Each day will contain 4 lectures of 100 minutes each, distributed between 8:30 and 17:30 and separated by coffee breaks. These lectures will be followed in the evening by either a short lecture or a research talk, a poster session or a social event.

All presentations will be given in English.


Our aim in combining both long lectures and short talks is to provide a comprehensive overview of both the theoretical aspects and the applied challenges covered by machine learning, from statistical theory and convex optimization to applications in computer vision, natural language processing, signal processing, bioinformatics and neuroscience. Poster sessions are meant to give attendees a unique opportunity to showcase their work and discuss with a highly specialized audience.

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