Booking on your own

Please feel free to select accommodation on your own. A good selection of hotels and hostels is listed in the TripAdvisor website for Kyoto. You can also check rates and book a hotel through Rakuten Travel. Rates for some youth hostels go as low as 2.500 JPY day. Guesthouses located very close to the campus include Waraku-an and Earthship.

Booking with us (limited availability)

The hotel reservation page is now open! Please follow this link.

We have pre-booked several rooms in the following hotels. These hotels are all conveniently located, have english-speaking staff and should provide you with a good level of comfort. You will be able to use our Hotel reservation page once you have paid your registration, and choose roommates if you want to share accommodation.

Rates below refer to the average daily rate (taxes included) for one person when the room is used at its maximum occupancy.

Kyoto Heian-no-mori, 1.6 km from the MLSS site, is the closest hotel to the summer school venue. Rooms have been fully renovated about 2 years ago.

Kyoto Travelers Inn, 1.9 km from the MLSS site, is right next to the Heian shrine and not too far from the downtown area of Sanjo.

Kyoto Palace Side Hotel, 2.5 km from the MLSS site, is located next to the south-west corner of the imperial palace.

Coop-Inn is run by the university cooperative and is located in the most central part of Kyoto, a few minutes by walk to the best shopping, dining and nightlife attractions. You will either need to take the bus (25 minutes) or rent a bicycle (available from the hotel for 500 JPY/day, 5-10 minutes) to cover the 3.3 km that lie between the hotel and the MLSS site. Most of the bicycle ride can be done along the Shimogamo river.

All hotels can be located on the map provided in the Around the venue section.

The ≈ sign means that the daily rate varies (usually a bit higher on week-ends ). The rate displayed above is the approximate average rate for a 2 week stay.