MLSS 2015 Kyoto


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 +===== Around the venue =====
 +==== Overall Map of the MLSS ====
 +The map below shows a few landmarks and highlights of the area surrounding the MLSS site, which is right in the middle of the main campus of Kyoto University. We will be adding more information as we get closer to the starting date of the MLSS. 
 +<​HTML><​iframe width="​450"​ height="​650"​ frameborder="​0"​ scrolling="​no"​ marginheight="​0"​ marginwidth="​0"​ src="​http://​​maps/​ms?​t=m&​amp;​msa=0&​amp;​msid=205320206109172277721.0004bb0606429892bf8e2&​amp;​source=embed&​amp;​ie=UTF8&​amp;​ll=35.020648,​135.781317&​amp;​spn=0.045619,​0.038624&​amp;​z=14&​amp;​output=embed"></​iframe><​br /><​small>​View <a href="​http://​​maps/​ms?​t=m&​amp;​msa=0&​amp;​msid=205320206109172277721.0004bb0606429892bf8e2&​amp;​source=embed&​amp;​ie=UTF8&​amp;​ll=35.020648,​135.781317&​amp;​spn=0.045619,​0.038624&​amp;​z=14"​ style="​color:#​0000FF;​text-align:​left">​MLSS</​a>​ in a larger map</​small></​HTML>​
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