MLSS 2015 Kyoto
  • ID Poster ID Author Title
    433 26-1 Koh Takeuchi Higher Order Fused Regularization for Supervised Learning with Grouped Parameters
    141 26-2 Hideko Kawakubo Coping with Class Balance Change in Classification: Class-Prior Estimation with Energy Distance
    14 26-3 Yaser Souri Bird Part Localization with Random Forest on Deep Features for Fine-grained Classification
    17 26-4 Florian Gesser Investigating the schizophrenic brain: Automated classification of biomarkers
    279 26-5 Rel Guzman Apaza Exploratory Data Analysis for Predicting Reaction and Reception to Textual Content
    28 26-6 Aizhan Ibraimova Automatic Library Classification for Scientific Articles
    416 26-7 Atsushi Shibagaki Approximately optimal selection of regularization parameters for L2 regularized convex loss minimization problems for supervised classifications
    284 26-9 Naoya Takeishi Modeling Spacecraft Telemetry Data using Dynamic Mixture Models
    303 26-10 Syed Ali Asad Rizvi Can we beat the market more safely using Machine Learning?
    49 26-11 Nauman Shahid Robust Principal Component Analysis On Graphs
    60 26-12 Emanuele Frandi Frank-Wolfe Algorithms in Machine Learning: SVM Training, Lasso Regression and Other Applications
    61 26-13 Hongzhou Lin
    Proximal incremental majorization-minimization optimization method
    193 26-14 Christoph Manss Dictionary Learning for Sparsity Driven Exploration
    322 26-15 Kevin Bello Medina Reconceptualizing the classification of specialization programs offered by Peruvian universities using Topic Modeling
    195 26-16 Takagi Yu
    Neural link between Obsessive-compulsive disorder and delay discounting
    454 26-17 nazanin ZOUNEMAT KERMANI Comparative study of automated feature selection and classification techniques for detection of histological features by mass spectrometry imaging
    327 26-18 Akira Tanimoto Operational Quality Management of Massive Predictive Models
    72 26-19 Marine LE MORVAN
    Cancer stratification from mutation profiles using gene networks
    83 26-20 Samuele Fiorini Detection of disease course in Multiple Sclerosis: a Machine Learning approach
    469 26-21 yuki hagimoto Reasoning of Effective Attack Patterns Using the ILP in RoboCup Soccer Simulation 2D
    94 26-22 Viktoria Rojkova Random matrices in unsupervised framework
    226 26-23 Denis Ergashbaev Machine Learning Approximation Techniques Using Dual Trees
    99 26-24 Woosang Lim
    Two-step Nystrom Method: An Efficient and Accurate Kernel Matrix Approximation for Large-Scale Data Sets
    232 26-25 Nikola Mitrovic Low-dimensional Models for Compressed Sensing and Prediction of Large-Scale Traffic Data
    444 26-26 Filipe Veiga Stabilizing Novel Objects by Learning to Predict Tactile Slip
    108 26-27 Levent Sagun
    High Dimensional Surfaces and Optimization
    494 26-28 Rudolf Lioutikov Simultaneous Learning of Segmentations and Skill Libraries
    189 26-29 Erina Ishikawa Using Designers' Perspective to Understand Content-Browsing Behavior
    498 26-30 Werner Creixell Prediction of nutritional deficiencies in maize plants from optical properties using spectral signature
    243 26-31 Thong Pham Digging up the past: A Bayesian Analysis of Complex Networks With Missing Timelines
    376 26-32 Ronald Ahmed Cardenas Acosta Reconceptualizing the classification of specialization programs offered by Peruvian universities using Topic Modeling
    378 26-33 Vincent Roulet Diversity learning through clustered penalties
    252 26-34 Luca Ambrogioni Modelling spatiotemporal cortical dynamics using additive Gaussian processes.
    255 26-35 Sho Sonoda Ridgelet Analysis of Recent Neural Networks
  • ID Poster ID Author Title
    513 27-1 Yigal Weinberger Mamography computer aided detection using hidden markov model algorithm
    258 27-2 Kacper Chwialkowski Fast Two Sample Tests using Smooth Random Features
    5 27-3 Robin Swezey
    Recommending Short-Lived Dynamic Packages for Golf Booking Services
    278 27-4 Vikram Kamath Exploring Architectures for the Iterative Neural Autoregressive Distribution Estimator (NADE-k)
    135 27-5 Aubin Samacoits Developing statistical method and machine learning algorithm to study mRNA localization in human cells
    265 27-6 Akshat Srivastava Robustness of LASSO
    394 27-7 Miriam Srokova Machine Learning Based Air Traffic Flow
    11 27-8 Mijung Park K2-ABC: Approximate Bayesian Computation with Infinite Dimensional Summary Statistics via Kernel Embeddings
    534 27-10 Ilaria Giulini
    A PAC-Bayesian approach to principal component analysis in high dimension
    153 27-11 Tomoya Sakai Image registration based on squared-loss mutual information
    160 27-12 Inbal Horev Intrinsic Principal Component Analysis for Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices
    432 27-13 Jessa Bekker Learning Markov Networks with Sentential Decision Diagrams
    419 27-14 Toshiyuki Takada Privacy preserving logistic regression by using piecewise-linear approximation
    241 27-16 Seyedeh Mohadeseh Ghasempour Ganji Generalized Modularity for community detection
    93 27-17 Louisa Kessi Automatic Modeling and Recognition of Heterogeneous Logical Structures from Digitized Business Documents
    48 27-18 Ikko Yamane Regularized multi-task learning for multi-dimensional log-density gradient estimation
    318 27-19 Mariano Gabitto Bayesian Inference of Spinal Interneurons Classes Reveals Diverse and Spatially Clustered Cell Types
    452 27-20 Jean-Baptiste Alayrac Structured learning from video and natural language
    330 27-21 Ayaka Sakata
    Replica Symmetric Bound for Restricted Isometry Constant
    461 27-22 Shunya Ueta Semi-supervised learning using a contour integral-based eigensolver in computer vision.
    79 27-23 Shanshan (Sherry) Ruan Representation Discovery for MDPs Using Bisimulation Metrics
    339 27-24 Ryosuke Kojima Multimodal scene understanding using CNN and hierarchical HMM for a cooking support robot
    472 27-25 Tyler Garvin Ginkgo: interactive analysis and quality assessment of single-cell copy number variation
    477 27-26 Duy Khuong Nguyen Fast Anti-lopsided Algorithm for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization in High Dimensional Space
    481 27-27 Gudmundur Einarsson Motion Analysis from Scene Flow
    234 27-28 Gilad Amar Deep Learning in Radio Astronomy
    236 27-29 Kelvin Xu Show Attend and Tell: Neural Image Caption Generation with Visual Attention
    110 27-30 Alexander Schmitz Tactile Object Recognition and In-Hand Manipulation with the TWENDY-ONE hand
    113 27-31 Nare Karapetyan Car Parking System
    467 27-32 Hiroaki Sasaki Direct Density-Derivative Estimation and Its Application in KL-Divergence Approximation
    254 27-33 Takanori Sugiyama Review of Quantum Machine Learning
    121 27-34 Yongxin Yang A Unified Perspective on Multi-Domain and Multi-Task Learning
    510 27-35 Jiawen Lin Recommendation in IOT: A Context-aware Recommender System Based on Indoor Positioning and Tracking
  • ID Poster ID Author Title
    389 28-1 Adrien Martel EEG-based Neurofeedback for sustained attention enhancement
    557 28-2 Dorota Blaszczuk Machine Learning application in insurance - telematics data sets
    6 28-3 Masayuki Ohzeki
    Statistical-mechanical analysis of pre-training and fine tuning in deep learning
    402 28-4 Paavo Parmas Inverted Pendulum Using Machine Learning and Computer Vision
    408 28-5 Satoshi Takabe Typical behavior of the linear programming method for combinatorial optimization problems
    156 28-6 Keisuke Yano Bayesian Multi-step Ahead Prediction and Model Selection
    33 28-7 Seirana Hashemi Ranjbar Incorporating protein domain for sparse classifiers in cancer associations
    423 28-8 Olga Zhukova Algorithm selection for examination timetabling using machine learning techniques
    427 28-9 Hiroyuki Hanada Enumerating Eulerian Trails Based on Line Graph Conversion
    173 28-10 Yifan Wu On identifying good options under combinatorially structured feedback in finite noisy environments
    438 28-11 Bruno Lourenco Squared slack variables in nonlinear semidefinite programming
    55 28-12 Zoltan Adam Milacski Robust Segmentation Based Anomaly Detection
    65 28-14 Tony TUNG
    Learning the Human Body Shape
    70 28-15 Natalia Efremova Neurophysiologically plausible model of human mirror neuron system
    200 28-16 Alberto Viseras Ruiz Efficient Exploration of Complex, Unknown Environments with Safety Constraints
    463 28-17 JeongHun Baek Computational Complexity Reduction for Functional Connectivity Estimation in Large Scale Neural Network
    80 28-18 Shi Zhao Towards understanding web queries with knowledge-graph enriched intent topic representations
    338 28-19 Sifan Chen A batch face recognition system
    483 28-20 hosnieh sattar Prediction of Search Targets From Fixations in Open-World Settings
    342 28-21 Cedric Malherbe Global Optimization with Active Learning
    346 28-22 Jorge Copete Multimodal Integration Using Deep Autoencoder: Visuomotor Correspondence Learning in Human-Robot Interaction.
    219 28-23 Ryo Karakida
    Identifying Feature Components Extracted by Contrastive Divergence Learning in Gaussian RBMs
    479 28-24 Christian Hammerschmidt Learning Timed Probabilistic Automatons in Streams under Adversarial Influence for Applications in Authentication
    464 28-25 Takafumi YANO MEG Inverse Problem and Information Criterion
    227 28-26 Christophe DUPUY Review Prediction Using Topic Models
    360 28-28 Gregor Gebhardt Embedding Kalman Filters into Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
    365 28-29 Ricardo Fonseca Prediction of nutritional deficiencies in maize plants from optical properties using spectral signature
    238 28-30 Dmitrii Ostrovskii Near-optimal signal recovery by convex optimization
    370 28-31 Sandhya Tripathi Some equilibrium prediction problems in M/M/1 queues.
    117 28-32 Thomas Brouwer
    Latent variable model with Bayesian learning for drug repositioning
    375 28-33 Igor dos Santos Montagner Learning image transformations to process music scores
    251 28-34 Yutaro Shigeto Analyzing the Hubness Phenomenon in Zero-shot learning
  • ID Poster ID Author Title
    257 1-1 Akifumi Okuno Robust cross-domain matching: Analyzing multi-domain data vectors under mismatched associations
    133 1-2 Thomas Moreau
    Convolutional Dictionary Learning with Temporal Regularization
    51 1-3 Ghazal Ghazaei Artificial Vision for Artificial Hands (AVAH)
    8 1-4 Junpei Komiyama
    An Optimal Regret Analysis of Thompson Sampling in Stochastic Multi-armed Bandit Problem with Multiple Plays
    148 1-5 Abdullah Khamis Gene Expression Data Analysis Using Machine Learning Techniques
    24 1-6 Vikrant Yadav Automatic Generation of Wikipedia Articles
    25 1-7 Marthinus Christoffel (Christo) du Plessis Learning from Positive and Unlabeled Data
    538 1-8 Hsin-Yuan Huang
    Automatic Machine Learning by Linear and Kernel Classifiers
    52 1-9 Weihua Hu Academic Information Retrieval
    29 1-10 Elena Shirokova Automatic Library Classification for Scientific Articles
    543 1-11 Mu-Chu Lee A note on choosing optimization methods for linear SVMs under distributed environment
    34 1-12 Felipe Yanez Primal-Dual Algorithms for Non-negative Matrix Factorization with the Kullback-Leibler Divergence
    421 1-13 Masaru Ito Optimal subgradient-based methods for convex optimization problems with special structure
    422 1-14 Kazuya Nakagawa Efficient combinatorial interaction detection by using safe screening approaches
    46 1-15 Cem Orhan Active Learning by Statistical Leverage Sampling (Cem Orhan and Oznur Tastan)
    434 1-16 Yukihiro Togari
    A proximal gradient method with componentwise lazy evaluation for online optimization
    435 1-17 Takeru Miyato Which to use dropout or dropconnect in Multi-label Learning?
    436 1-18 Peter Udo Diehl Fast-Classifying, High-Accuracy Spiking Deep Networks Through Weight and Threshold Balancing
    308 1-19 Maksym Andriushchenko Data analysis in social games
    519 1-20 Sotetsu Koyamada Principal Sensitivity Analysis
    415 1-21 Shinya Suzumura An exact post selection inference for combinatorial genomic interactions
    458 1-22 Christopher Schymura Binaural Sound Source Localisation using a Bayesian-network-based Blackboard System and Hypothesis-driven Feedback
    205 1-23 David Heryanto Incremental learning of neural network with knowledge distillation
    466 1-24 Nir Rosenfeld Discriminative Learning of Infection Models
    468 1-25 Moritz Gerlach
    Spectral Convergence of Empirical Graph Laplacians
    57 1-26 Zipei Fan A Spectral Approach to Human Mobility Modeling
    476 1-27 Takoua Jendoubi Bayesian Nonparametric method for metabolomics data fusion
    351 1-28 Daniele Calandriello Large scale Semi-Supervised Learning with On-Line Graph Sparsification (tentative)
    484 1-29 Richard Lewis Quantitative Structure-Activity Prediction (QSAR): Predicting the anticancer activity of compound given only its structure
    508 1-30 Mohamed Abdalmoaty Model selection in system identification
    366 1-31 Kenshi Uchihashi machine learning approach: connectomics
    500 1-32 Dan Assouline Machine Learning for Large Scale Rooftop Photovoltaic Potential - Swiss case.
    119 1-33 Haotian Zhang A Comaprision of Different Face Recognition Algorithms
    124 1-34 Hiroshi Kajino Active Learning for Multi-relational Data Construction
    382 1-35 Joe Suzuki A Bayesian Mutual Information Estimator and its Application to Independence Testing
  • ID Poster ID Author Title
    128 3-1 Jawad Tayyub Qualitative and Quantitative Spatio-Temporal Relations in Daily Living Activity Recognition
    261 3-2 Mario Michael Krell Generalizing, Decoding, and Optimizing Support Vector Machine Classification
    134 3-3 Amit Moscovich-Eiger
    Fast calculation of boundary crossing probabilities for Poisson processes
    172 3-4 Voot Tangkaratt Direct Estimation of the Derivative of Quadratic Mutual Information with Application in Dimension Reduction
    522 3-5 Bartosz Krawczyk Mining Massive and Streaming Multi-Class Data with Ensembles of One-Class Classifiers
    395 3-6 Kodai Ueyoshi FPGA-oriented massively parallel, scalable, and reconfigurable architectures for Restricted Boltzmann Machines towards deep learning systems
    270 3-7 Kota Itoda Causality Analysis of Group Behavior in Goal-type Ball Game
    401 3-8 Riki Eto Causal Piecewise Sparse Linear Models
    533 3-9 Zenna Tavares Abstract Metropolized Independent Sampling in Highly Constrained Probabilistic Programs
    535 3-10 Anthony DeCostanzo Random projections applied to modeling of neuronal turnover in the brain
    152 3-11 Brian Cheung Exploring Deep Space: Discovering Factors of Variation Learned in Deep Networks
    537 3-12 Volodymyr Kuleshov Statistical methods in genome phasing
    411 3-13 Yung-Kyun Noh Nearest Neighbor Methods with Generative Metric
    290 3-14 Aqsa Shabbir Machine learning in probability spaces for control and optimization in nuclear fusion plasmas
    295 3-15 Stefano Martiniani A new method for computing the volume of high dimensional manifolds: application to the basins of attraction of jammed soft spheres packings
    44 3-16 Luca Celotti Herranz why to active sense, and how
    175 3-17 Jiuding Duan learning features for material informatics
    305 3-18 Ehsan Imani Multi-Modal Distance Metric learning Based on Stacked Auto-Encoders
    306 3-19 Ashish Arora ReCAPTCHA assisted OCR for Devanagari Texts
    58 3-20 Reza Babanezhad Harikandeh Non-Uniform Stochastic Average Gradient Method for Training Conditional Random Fields
    450 3-21 Ryo Iwaki Minimizing the Variance of Actor's Update Rule by Using Eligibility Trace in Critic's Learning
    325 3-22 Song Liu Learning Structure of Partial Markov Random Field via Partitioned Ratio
    198 3-23 Matthew Graham Sub-space Hamiltonian Monte Carlo with a unimodal Boltzmann machine relaxation
    77 3-24 Caner Hazirbas Optimizing the Relevance-Redundancy Tradeoff for Efficient Semantic Segmentation
    335 3-25 Meriem El Azami
    Detection of epilepsy lesions as an outlier detection problem
    212 3-26 Akshay Srinivasan
    Graphical Newton
    220 3-27 Marcello Rambaldi
    Modelling market activity around macroeconomic news: a Hawkes-process approach
    221 3-28 Esther Alberts A Nonparametric Model for Estimating Tumor Growth in Longitudinal Image Sequences
    357 3-29 Fajwel Fogel SerialRank: spectral ranking using seriation
    106 3-30 Yasmin Fathy Large-Scale Discovery and Ranking for the Internet of Things (IoT) Data and Services
    492 3-31 Sergey Paramonov Logic Programming for Data Mining
    367 3-32 Nicolas Flammarion From Averaging to Acceleration, There is Only a Step-size
    112 3-33 Joao Martins Augmented Human Assistance
    118 3-34 Simon Manschitz Probabilistic Progress Prediction and Sequencing of Concurrent Movement Primitives
    362 3-35 Massimo Silvetti Reward value and prediction error in human medial frontal cortex: a model-based fMRI study