MLSS 2015 Kyoto

Social Events

The MLSS will hold one social event per week, 2 in total during the summer school.

Please arrange transportation on your own to reach these venues.

Karaoke Party

Sing, dance and party along with free drinks for 2.5 hours. Huge repertoire in all languages from all over the world, and plenty of big (12 people) and small (4 people) rooms to choose from. You are free to move around the floor and check what's going on in other rooms any time! Light snacks will be served, but we recommend that you eat something light before

Banquet dinner

The banquet dinner will take place in two buildings set in the heart of the Gion cultural quarter of Kyoto. The dinner will feature Maiko dances and live koto (japanese harp) performances.

The reception will open from 18:15. The banquet will then start from 18:30 to 21:00.

We would like to thank the Kyoto Convention Bureau for kindly supporting the MLSS social events!